Carlo Calzavara - Switzerland

Advertising and PR (ON CAMPUS)


The European Summer School in Prague was a great expierience! I can really recommend it to everyone! 🍺💻

Chandani Mittal - Slovakia

Business Management (ON CAMPUS)


The ESS was one of the best experiences I've ever had. The organizers were amazing and I had the opportunity to meet some exceptional people from all around the world. There was a perfect balance between lectures and activities. I was never bored for a second. I highly recommend ESS if you want to gain some new skills, whilst forming new friendships and exploring one of the most charming cities! 😄♥️

Daniela Serpero - Argentina

Project Management: From Theory to Practice (Term 3. - ON CAMPUS)


It was an amazing experience! The staff was wonderful. Nice people, nice place, greats memories.

Darko Mohammed Jaza - Iraq

Human Resources (ON CAMPUS)


There is one word that describes ESS , GREAT! ESS is an exceptional school and the staff work perfectly together. The social activities are great, the cultural trips, to field trips and classes AMAZING! I will recommend to anyone to participate.

Ajita - India

Online Marketing Challenge


Working on a project with students from other countries was a great learning experience in terms of understanding the differences and similarities between the cultures and perspectives that are observed in different parts of the world. I wrote very interesting article about my European Summer School experience here.

Anna-Christina - United Kingdom

Communication, Negotiation and Conflict management (ON CAMPUS)


A great summer experience where I had the chance to meet people from all over the world. It was also awesome to see Prague and the different views and attractions of the city. I learnt things about communication in business from the course and developed my communication skills. This experience made my summer different!

Diana - the Netherlands

Leadership Skills


Have you always wanted to study abroad, but couldn't find the time nor resources for it? Then I think ESS is the perfect solution! In this two week program, I learned so much about myself, life, and Praha. Due to the well-structured program and communication with the activity leaders, you will have the feeling that you are on a holiday with friends whilst also being educated in things you are actually interested in. It was especially nice that you could take some time for yourself if you feel like it, although there is the possibility to participate the everyday activities. This overall experience has gotten a special place in my heart and I surely would recommend everyone (no matter what age or background) to attend such a summer course. Embrace life, educate yourself, and have an open mind!

Andreas - Sweden

Communication, Negotiation and Conflict management (ON CAMPUS)


European Summer School helped me discover the best parts of Prague. The course was great, I learned many new things I will apply in both my studies as well my future life. The free time activities were also great with a combination of sightseeing and social events. I study at university, but European Summer School is the best school I went to so far. I will always remember my time in Prague thanks to the dedicated teachers, staff and classmates.

Andrea - Slovakia

Fundamentals of Marketing


Besides a lot of information in Marketing which helped me to improve my marketing skills, I met lot of nice and lovely people around whole world. Cultural mix in Summer School was amazing it was 30 nationalities there! I gained an unforgettable experience during summer school in Split. It was lot of fun, many activities and city Split is wonderful! There was always what to do – morning swimming, exercise, learning, city exploring, sightseeing, barbecue, volleyball, and other activities 🙂 Big thanks!

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