By completing a course, seminar, module etc. you get awarded with ECTS-credit points. Every ECTS credit point stands hereby for a certain amount of workload. Typically, one year corresponds to 60 ECTS-credits. A 3-year Bachelors programme has therefore usually 180 ECTS-credits; a 2-year Masters programme usually 120 ECTS-credits.

Thanks to ECTS it became considerably easier, to get courses from different universities or summer schools acknowledged so it is not necessary to do courses already completed all-over again. We have a guide on how to get ECTS during summer*!

Step by step

  • Select a course and sign up for our ESS
  • Send us an email stating you are interested in receiving ECTS credits on
  • We will send you the syllabus of the course of your choice
  • Get in touch with your tutor and have the syllabus approved
  • Once the syllabus is approved, fill out an application form
  • Make the payment
  • Enjoy a great summer attending a summer school course

* Our students were able to get credits accepted in most cases last year. It always depends on your university or on the student’s tutor.