European Summer School Prague

An investment to knowledge pays the best interest

2022 ON-CAMPUS only

7th season

15 courses

2 weeks of socializing

30 nationalities


Creative Storytelling and Creative Writing (ON CAMPUS)

Early Bird

“Tell me a story!” Something we all have heard or said so many times. As children, it is through stories we begin to learn how the world works – and that is why we are all so strongly attracted to them. Stories can invite us into an unthinkable reality, they help us learn from the past or even see the future, they offer archetypes of good and evil and can very well play with our imagination as well as logic. A good story can sell everything – not only does this apply to books and movies, but also to everything we do in our professional and personal life. We need a story to design a strong presentation, create an effective post for social media, manage an interview, deliver a business pitch or write an academic essay. While this course focuses on the importance of a story, we will mainly pay attention to the writer (his/her imagination, vocabulary, narrative styles, critical thinking, experience, dreams and memories) – YOU.

Free seats: 10 / 10

Price: 750 €

Term: 125.07. - 05.08.

Rumen Yanev

ESS Course thumbnail Enterpreneurship & New Venture Creation

Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation (ON CAMPUS)

Early Bird

There are many reasons why someone might decide to start their own business and there are many aspects to starting a business - from getting ideas, evaluating them to getting from idea to launch and then running a business. Whether you're thinking of starting your own business or you're studying entrepreneurship at university, you will find this course highly useful and leave with a toolbox that will enable you to start your own business one day or advise others on starting a business.

Free seats: 10 / 10

Price: 750 €

Term: 125.07. - 05.08.

Martina Jakl

Course thumbnail for Human Resources

Human Resources (ON CAMPUS)

Early Bird

Choosing qualified, motivated, and loyal employees are one of the most important requirements for building a strong, successful company. This course will teach you everything about recruitment, management and development of human resources. You will learn how to find and select the most qualified and skilled employees for your business, as well as how to keep them motivated and committed.

Free seats: 12 / 12

Price: 750 €

Term: 125.07. - 05.08.

Milan Mahovsky & Jan Lazar

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European Summer School is available for both students and young professionals.


  • A minimum age of 18 years (average age is 23)
  • Intermediate level of English (B1/B2)
  • Own laptop/tablet is required for majority of the courses
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The cost of the two week course is 800€(with an Early bird fee starting at 750€) and the fee is including:

  • Course and study materials
  • Application fee
  • Weekly activities (except for entrance fees and weekend trips)

From 30th of April 2022 there will be a late enrollment fee charged = 50EUR.

Other expenses, such as meals, accommodation, insurance are not included in the price.

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European Summer School takes place ON-CAMPUS in:

Icon for section - Where is it?


European Summer School takes place in Prague, both modern and historical capital of the Czech Republic.

Prague is one of the five most visited cities in Europe, and its location in the very center of Europe makes travels to other popular destinations such as Vienna, Berlin or Budapest more than simple.

For more information, visit the location page.

Icon for section - Where to stay?


For our students, we offer a convenient accommodation in the newly reconstructed Botic Student House. It offers cozy and modern double rooms for cheap prices, starting on 14€ per person per night.

Journey from the accommodation to city centre and the course venue takes approximately 20 minutes.

Icon for section - Is it international?


Yes it is! The 2021 summer school was attended by students from 25 countries. The main language of the courses and social activities is English.

News & updates

June deadline approaching

Date published : 12.06.2021

There is an application deadline set to the 15th of June 2021. Some courses will be still available after this…