Lisette - Netherlands

Illustration Practice


I really liked it. The teacher was really good at his job, he could help you no matter what you were trying to illustrate with whatever technique. For me, as someone with absolutely no art experience whatsoever, it was unclear what exactly illustration practice entailed. I had the idea beforehand that it would be more of a drawing course. Nevertheless the course was really valuable: it got me going. The most import thing I learned is probably that you shouldn’t be afraid and just do and try, it will come to you eventually. The course was really helpful. The activities were really nice.

Andreas - Sweden

Communication, Negotiation and Conflict management


European Summer School helped me discover the best parts of Prague. The course was great, I learned many new things I will apply in both my studies as well my future life. The free time activities were also great with a combination of sightseeing and social events. I study at university, but European Summer School is the best school I went to so far. I will always remember my time in Prague thanks to the dedicated teachers, staff and classmates.

Andrea - Slovakia

Fundamentals of Marketing


Besides a lot of information in Marketing which helped me to improve my marketing skills, I met lot of nice and lovely people around whole world. Cultural mix in Summer School was amazing it was 30 nationalities there! I gained an unforgettable experience during summer school in Split. It was lot of fun, many activities and city Split is wonderful! There was always what to do – morning swimming, exercise, learning, city exploring, sightseeing, barbecue, volleyball, and other activities 🙂 Big thanks!