One of the main goals of the Institute for Competencies Development has always been promoting education both home and abroad, and supporting talented and motivated students on their way to self-improvement.

We therefore proudly present the Diversity Scholarship Program for this year’s European Summer School that will help young people from all over the world to attend one of our educational courses.

While the scholarship is primarily aimed at students from non-EU and developing countries, anyone can join to convince us of their high motivation and interest. Every two weeks, Institute for Competencies Development will choose students who are eligible for a 225€ discount on a course of their choice.

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To apply for the scholarship, please upload your CV and cover letter here. You can also upload a reference, reccommendation, or English certificate for extra points.


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Thank you for provided information. We will contact you with results of scholarship application soon.
If you have any questions about ESS or scholarships, contact info@europeansummerschool.com