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Summer school Croatia (SSC) is a brand new summer project designed for students and young professionals, brought to you by Czech-us Travel Agency. Based on more than 10 years of experience in youth travel industry including coordination of Summer School in Denmark for the past two years, we have decided to organize a Summer School of our own. Czech-us proudly presents Summer School Croatia!

Summer school Croatia features many popular courses such as Digital marketing, English at work, Personal and Professional Development, Mobile apps developing etc. While it is held in the city of Split, it is combined with vacation in a beautiful, cozy environment.

At SSC you will spend exciting 1-2 weeks studying things you can´t usually learn at your university and on top of that, have a great time with people from all around Europe. Courses are held in English by skilled lecturers and your free time is arranged by professional animators.

SSC is organized in cooperation with lecturers from several universities – Prague College, University of New York in Prague, Akcent College, University College of Northern Denmark and Business Academy Aarhus. SSC is therefore a perfect match for those interested in studying at these schools since you will have the credits accepted. Lecturers are from all over the world – the USA, the UK, Denmark, Italy, Turkey and the Czech republic.

Who can join SSC?:

  • Anyone above 18 years of age by the time of the course
  • Anyone with intermediary level of English