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To participate in the INROKO Social Grant, you have to upload official confirmation from your university about previously received grants for low-income students.

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4. test:

Block 1 - multiple choice - Each sentence can have one, two, three or even four correct versions.

1.) “Why is your English so good?” (*multiple choice)
I have been studying English for a long time.I have studied English for a long time.I have studied English since a long time.I have studied English since a long time ago.

2.) ......................... you won a million pounds, what would you do? (*multiple choice)

3.) ......................... who said 'If music be the food of love, play on.' (*multiple choice)
ShakespeareIt was ShakespeareShakespeare was a playwrightShakespeare was

4.) Although he was very badly injured, he ......................... swim to safety. (*multiple choice)
tookused to takewould takehad taken

5.) I wish .........................! (*multiple choice)
I would be richI'd win the lotteryI'd won the lotteryI was rich

Block 2 - Use of English - Read the article below and complete the gaps, numbered 1 - 5, with the most suitable answer;

Cambridge Examinations
Want to know your level? Think about taking a Cambridge exam in English.

Cambridge English produce a large 1______ of examinations including IELTs and exams for a number of 2______ of English learners. Including general English exams, business English exams, Young Learners, IELTs, English for teachers and legal English.

The best 3______ of these exams are the Cambridge Upper Main Suite, which 4______ of: Cambridge English First (FCE), Cambridge English: Advanced (CAE) and Cambridge English: Proficiency (CPE).

The big advantage 5______ these exams is that nearly everybody on the planet has heard of Cambridge University.

Question 1 (Cambridge English produce a large...)

Question 2 (...and exams for a number of...)

Question 3 (The best...of these exams are the Cambridge...)

Question 4 (...Cambridge Upper Main Suite, which...)

Question 5 (The big advantage...)

Block 3 - Listening - Watch the video. Make sure you pay attention to what’s written on the screen, too, as this will make some of the questions below clearer.

Watch the video. Make sure you pay attention to what’s written on the screen, too, as this will make some of the questions below clearer.

Video did not load? Play it here.

1.) What is the topic of the Intercultural Competencies course?
Intercultural development, 3rd world problems, global water resourcesInternational interactions in the workplace, cultural identity, cultural communicationInternational workplace issues, cultural identity, cultural events

2.) What does William Pattison stress about his course?
This hands-on experience will improve the participants’ chances to get a job in the fieldThis course will give the participants a good idea about the jobs they can apply forIt’ll help the participants establish useful contacts with potential employers

3.) What was the purpose of the questionnaire assignment in the Fundamentals of Marketing course?
To develop motivation and communication skills, including making recommendationsTo gain experience working with data, developing spreadsheets and making recommendationsTo develop a marketing plan for a company

4.) What does one of the tutors say the students get out of the course?
A better understanding of the world around them.Clearer life goals and a better understanding of who they areA wider circle of business contacts that may help them later in life

5.) What does one of the teachers say about the need we all face these days?
It is important to be able to agree on basic global issuesIt is crucial to be able to work together in harmonyWe need to be able to communicate with people who are not like us

Block 4 - General Knowledge about European Summer School

1.) Who is European Summer School activity leader in Split
Jindrich JosifekLadislav RuzickaLukas KerhartThere are no activities in Split

2.) The least intensive ESS course offers 40 lessons in a 2-week long programme, what is the maximum number of teaching hours the most intensive European Summer School course offers?

3.) European Summer School is not just about the professional courses yet it is also about having loads of fun, meeting new people, and getting the international experiece. How many nationalities are represented in our video from last year?

4.Where exactly will the courses be taught at?
French Institute (Prague) and Library of University Split (Split)Hotel Hillton (Prague) and Library of University Split (Split)French Institute (Prague) and Hotel Hillton (Split)University of Prague (Prague) and University in Split (Split)

Thank you for provided information. We will contact you with results of scholarship application soon after the official deadline.
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