Trávit dovolenou jen pod slunečníkem na pláži už dávno není in. Ví to i desítky studentů z celého světa, kteří se o prázdninách sjeli na European Summer School, a nudné ležení u moře vyměnili za dva týdny nabité zábavou a novými zkušenostmi. Ze široké nabídky kurzů si vybral opravdu každý – od těch, kteří si chtěli zlepšit svou obchodní angličtinu, až po nadšence do vývoje mobilních aplikací nebo budoucí marketingové experty. V rámci každého kurzu dostali studenti za úkol mimo jiné vypracovat i společný projekt, který poté prezentovali na závěrečném ceremoniálu.

Po každé práci ale musí logicky následovat odpočinek a zábava. Kromě školy proto na studenty čekal i nabitý program, ve kterém nechyběly poznávací výlety, sjíždění řeky na raftech či závěrečná párty .

Co napsali studenti o letní škole?

Marine, Armenia – Personal and Professional Development

„ESS brings together people not afraid of engaging in something completely different from what they’re used to doing back home. It’s a great way to meet and interact with young people representing different cultures and as such – a definite opportunity to spend quite possibly the best couple of weeks in your life if you’re curious, enthusiastic and open to new experiences. Also, Prague is absolutely amazing!“

Maria, Germany – Online Marketing Challenge

„You apply for a course, in my case Online Marketing, and you get a lifetime experience. It´s not only the knowledge you gain, it´s the people your meet and the friends you make, the ambitious teachers and caring organizing team you get to know, it´s the spirit of an international summer school that makes these two weeks truly amazing.“

Andreas, Sweden – Communication, Negotiation and Conflict Management

„European Summer School helped me discover the best parts of Prague. The course was great, I learned many new things I will apply in both my studies as well my future life. The free time activities were also great with a combination of sightseeing and social events. I study at university, but European Summer School is the best school I went to so far. I will always remember my time in Prague thanks to the dedicated teachers, staff and classmates.“

Andrea, Slovakia – Fundamentals of Marketing

„Besides lot of information in Marketing which helped me to improve my marketing skills, I met lot of nice and lovely people around whole world. Cultural mix in Summer School was amazing it was 30 nationalities there! I gained unforgettable experience during summer school in Split. It was lot of fun, many activities and city Split is wonderful! There was always what to do – morning swimming, exercise, learning, city exploring, sightseeing, barbecue, volleyball, and other activities 🙂 Big thanks!“

Jakub, Slovakia – Project Management

„ I enjoyed time in Prague very much, the city is splendid, people were awsome. Even though I am not a party guy, the program offered me a lot of sightseeing, city tours, I visited museums, parks and everything possible. Two weeks is ideal time for getting to know new people, making new friendships, to learn something and enjoy city. I would recommend joining ESS for everyone.“

Elif, Turkey – Illustration practice

„I learnt many new things about compositions, colors and methods and these help me to improve my creating visual skills. I met very lovely people from all over the Europe, many nice memories connected to them thanks to summer school I improved my drawing skills, I learnt something about new cultures, met different people, had a lot of fun with them and I explore the beautiful city – Split, as well.“

Frauke, Netherlands – Illustration practice

„Besides massive new illustration skills, I learned how much you can achieve in only two weeks. I met likeminded people who are open minded and fun to hang out with.The summer school helped me to develop professionally, but most of all it gave me more self esteem in this field of work.“

Lisette, Netherlands – Illustration Practice

„I really liked it. The teacher was really good at his job, he could help you no matter what you were trying to illustrate with whatever technique. For me, as someone with absolutely no art experience whatsoever, it was unclear what exactly illustration practice entailed. I had the idea beforehand that it would be more of a drawing course. Nevertheless the course was really valuable: it got me going. The most import thing I learned is probably that you shouldn’t be afraid and just do and try, it will come to you eventually. Více…

Karin, Netherlands – Videomaking & Postproduction

„I enjoyed the course a lot! We covered the wide range of videomaking from the gear to camera angles, to editing and lighting. In our class we were all sort of on the same level of video skills when we started, which is an advantage. Michal was an amazing teacher, very well prepared and willing to help us till the middle of the night. I’ve learnt a lot and enjoyed working on videomaking. It was very nice to have the activities already planned so that there was always something to do! I’ve met the most amazing people during the summer school, I think the activities contributed to that. Více…

Jiří, Czech Republic – Illustration practice

1. Kurz super
2. Aktivity nejlepší a Lukáš je borec
3. Term 2 skvělá parta lidí, takže za mě předčilo SSC očekávání
4. Pokud bude čas, tak určitě ano, udělal bych to na nějakym jinym místě, ktere je taky u moře, abych poznal další město, Split mám přechozenej poctivě.“

Eva, Slovakia – Illustration practice

„It was amazing experience for me! Yes, of course, it helped me in a lot of different directions. For examlpe I improve my english, drawing and thinking about the sense of the picture. I enjoyed our activities, all of them! The greatest experience for me was an exhibition but I also really enjoyed the party and our graduation boat party. I would like to stay in the summer school even longer. It was totally amazing! I enjoyed the international atmospehere during the activities.“

Kristína, Slovakia – Videomaking & Postproduction

„Kurz Videomaking – velmi velmi sa mi pacil a bol viac ako uzitocny – naucila som sa vela novych a zaujimavych veci, ktore budem v buducnosti (ako uz aj teraz) vyuzivat celkom urcite. 2. Aktivity – najlepsie! Od raftingu, cez Krku az po bicyklovanie a vsetky navstevy plazi ci len obycajna grill party. vsetko perfektne. 3. Celkovy pocit – vynikajuci, super ludia, super lektori, super organizacia a perfektne vytvorena atmosfera doplnena vhodnymi volnocasovymi aktivitami. 4. Urcite by som sa chcela zucastnit aj buduci rok!“

Co napsali učitelé o letní škole?

Morten Algy Bonderup – Mobile Developing Concepts

„Being a teacher at this summer school was a meaningful, relevant, and very good experience for me, and it pushed me to think “outside of the box”. What really impressed me the most was that the students showed a high level of ownership in the activities in class and the exercises given that I do not see every day. The organizers of the summer school handled everything in a professional manner and made the whole experience even more enjoyable. I will recommend this summer school to everyone who wants to work on their knowledge and skills.“

Michal Kašparovský – Videomaking and Postproduction

„Kurz byl velmi uspesny. Jakkoliv jsem se lehce obaval ruzne urovne studentu, nakonec to dopadlo tak, ze všichni byli vesmes zacatecnici, byt kazdy mel jina ocekavani co s nabytou zkusenosti chce delat. Jak se ten ci onen vyrovnal a popasoval s kurzem spise zalezelo na tom, jake mel nadani – nekdo mel vice oko na zabery, jiny vice experimentoval, dalsi byl silny po technicke anebo rezijni strance. Více…

Berit Simonsen – Lektorka kurzu Intercultural Competencies

„The students were great, very knowledgeable, interested and engaged. They were older and had a more extensive academic background than I had anticipated, but this simply added to my experience, so I really enjoyed that
I loved the city and I found the planning and execution of the summer school was very professional and well-planned and I really enjoyed the extracurricular activities that I participated in.

All in all, a very good experience, both personally and professional.“

Francis Giedraitis – Business English

„I was teaching a business English 2 week intensive course in Split, Croatia. The course included three 90 min lessons every day.We dealt with the following themes: how to write a CV, applying for jobs, preparing a covering letter, extensive interview practice, telephone English, negotiating techniques and participating in business meetings. Více…

Joel Imhoof – Entrepreneurship, Startups and Running a Small Business

I taught two sessions of Summer School in Croatia this year. I felt challenged every day and I never went home feeling any of the students had ‘phoned it in’- everyone was incredibly interested and participated wonderfully. The facility in which I taught was modern and up to date. The city of Split has dozens of beaches to be discovered- some are great for partying, others are perfect for the family. All of them are worth a visit as is the city center with its lovely seafront walks and the amazing Diocletian palace complex. Overall I had a really rewarding experience both teaching and exploring Split. “


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Graduation – 3. termín

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Podívejte se na videa studentů z kurzu Videomaking & postproduction, ve kterých hráli samotní studenti, lektoři a dokonce i Chorvaté.

No Pain No Game

Video natočeno studentkou European Summer School Lenkou Hastíkovou, která strávila mnoho bezesných nocí při dělání tohoto videa.

Fresh Water Adventure

Video natočeno studentem European Summer School Premyslem Piskačem. Video vzniklo během nádherného raftingového dne.

Lukas – A Summerschool Day

Video natočeno studentem European Summer School Jindřichem Josífkem. Video ukazuje Lukášův klasický den, co všechno musí připravit a stihnout, aby letní škola zahrnovala nejenom kvalitní výuku, ale i přádnou porci zábavy.

Rules Of Broken Love

Video natočeno studentkou European Summer School Kristinou Zátrochovou. Kristína s herci nespala více jak 24 hodin. Pak si dali všichni snídani a šli rovnou do školy.

SlowMo Masters

Video natočeno studenty European Summer School. Video vzniklo pouhým testováním slow motion efektu.

Point Of Split

Video natočeno Karin Snel, kerá měla její Go Pro celý den na hlavě, aby nám ukázala její klasický den ve Splitu.

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Roman soldier ATTACKING man for toothbrush!

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