Human Resources

Course Date: 15.7. - 26.7.

Choosing qualified, motivated, and loyal employees is one of the most important requirements for building a strong, successful company. This course will teach you everything about recruitment, management and development of human resources. You will learn how to find and select the most qualified and skilled employees for your business, as well as how to keep them motivated and committed.

Course Fee: 800€


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Course description


Martin McGoldrick

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Martin is a very accomplished teacher with more than 16 years of university level teaching experience all around the world. Currently he is teaching the course of Human Resource Management at Prague Business College, where he also teaches the courses such as Strategic Planning, Organisational Behaviour or Intercultural Communication. His previous teaching experience include teaching at Victoria University in Switzerland, at University of Northern Virginia, at City University of Seattle, at Anglo-American University or at Palacky University. His passion for Student-centred style of teaching makes him a great lecturer.

Besides Martin being a skilled teacher he is greatly experienced with designing learning programmes. Nowadays he is designing and delivering a range of education programmes for Prague Institute. He also prepares programmes for pre-university education all around the Europe as a principal and programme coordinator for Global Learning Services.

His own educational path shows how broad his reach is. At Glasgow College he obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Medical Microbiology, then he got his Master’s degree at Cranfield University College of Aeronautics in Biology and Aeronautics. Last but not least, he obtained a Master of Business Administration and MBA (both with distinction) at the Caledonian University.


Attracting, selecting, motivating, developing, and thus retaining top qualified, engaged and loyal employees are crucial for the company performance and success.

This course will provide you with an overview of HRM practices, with particular focus on recruitment & selection of employees, motivation, performance appraisal, compensation, managing teams & handling diversity, ethics in managing people, organizational culture & change, and contemporary trends in HRM. You will have the opportunity to gain and apply knowledge and practically develop your skills.

Schedule: Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 14:00

Credits: You will receive an official Certificate of Attendance upon completion of your course. Please inform the organizing staff if you require any extra supplements, such as Transcript of Records. The student is eligible to receive up to 5 ECTS credits, however please follow the instructions here and consult the acknowledgment process with your university in advance.

Price: Course fee includes the application fee, study materials and afternoon / evening social activities and events, welcome and goodbye drink. Other expenses, such as transportation, meals, accommodation, insurance, personal expenses, extra activities (such as trips outside town, entrance fees, some of the sport activities and rentals), and required equipment (i.e. personal laptop) are not included in the price.

Accommodation: For accommodation options, please visit the dedicated page here.


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Courses taught: Human Resources Management, Introduction to Management, Managerial Psychology, Organizational Behavior, Industrial Psychology, Organizational Culture.

B1 CEF absolute minimum, B2 and above strongly recommended. A laptop will be needed.

Course outline
Week 1
  • Day 1 – Contemporary HRM – describing the changing nature of HRM in response to environmental factors
  • Day 2 – The Impact of Change on HRM – demographic change, government policy, technology, and social trends
  • Day 3 – The Psychological Contract – the role of HRM in building corporate culture and motivating employees
  • Day 4 – Performance Management – planning, monitoring and reviewing an employee's work objectives
  • Day 5 – Talent Management and Career Management
Week 2
  • Day 1 – The Role of HR Professionals in Strategic Management
  • Day 2 – Managing Teams – from organic to bureaucratic
  • Day 3 – Managing Millennials – the particular requirements of younger members of the workforce
  • Day 4 – Ethics & Diversity – beyond the two-fer and three-fer
  • Day 5 – The Diverse Application of Human Resource Practises

*Program/Course Outline is subject to change.

You can also look forward to have the chance to consult your ideas or questions with HRM professionals as guest speakers.

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