Get ready for the best summer of your life in 3, 2, 1 …!

23. 5. 2017

Prague is very lively place on the Earth. It is full of history, narrow streets in Old Town and beautiful sunset at the riverside. You can enjoy sports and nice walks in the afternoon and have a delicious Czech meal for a dinner in picturesque local restaurants. In the evening, Prague comes to life with an exciting nightlife.

There is plenty to look forward to! Let me mention few highlights from the program waiting for you in Prague.

parta lidí na kolech

Bike trip

Twenty kilometres route offers both smooth ride along the riverside and many beautiful city views. Stops for refreshments such as good beer or tasty lemonade are included in the program.

Yellow spa

This amazing park by the river provides the opportunity to relax and play interesting sports such as Volleyball, football or try paddleboard on the river. Or just lie down in the grass and relax after a long day.


If you are a friend of tasty food, you will enjoy an afternoon barbecue in gorgeous Prague parks. There is plenty to admire in Czech cuisine. Do not miss a hearty dinner in a typical Czech restaurant.

Waterfront – Náplavka

There is a very specific place in Prague. Boats are moored by the river bank. But these are not just ordinary boats. There are bars and restaurants on them. So people can sit for a few beers and have pizza or delicious burger. Some of the boats are even turned into music clubs so you can stay longer and dance and have fun until late evening.

Night life

Prague can be wild in the night! Prague is full of different bars and music clubs. Everyone here finds what he likes. You can enjoy cocktails or good Czech beer and dance through the night on the dance floor. As Praguers say, Prague never sleeps!

Day trip to Český krumlov

The 2nd most visited place in Czech Republic after Prague! The city lies in crooked meanders of Vltava river. Mighty castle stands above the old historical centre of the city. We are going to walk the old town through but also to sail through on rafts.