European Summer School is Coming! New Courses Available

7. 4. 2017

Enjoy your summer in Prague with our new selection of the courses. Improve your skills in Business Development, where we added these interesting courses:

Business Management

  • Business Management
  • This course will concentrate on operating a small business. While business theories and case studies will be used, the majority of this course will be a true workshop in which the student will learn real life applications on how to manage a small business.
    More information about course here

Brand Management

  • Brand Management
  • One of the most important goals for businesses nowadays is to develop a strong and widely known brand. The question is however how to achieve to become a true household name? This course will provide you with all the necessary knowledge that a successful brand manager should have.
    More information about course here

Human Resources

  • Human Resources
  • Choosing qualified, motivated, and loyal employees is one of the most important requirements for building a strong, successful company. This course will teach you everything about recruitment, management and development of human resources.
    More information about course here

Future of the EU

  • Future of EU
  • Despite covering less than 8% of the world population the European Union composed of 28 countries is the second largest economy in the world and an important player in international relations. However, many believe that these are extraordinary times for Europe and its realities might change quickly.
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