Student Nationality Mix

7. 12. 2016

Growing popularity of summer schools has projected it´s trends into European Summer School too. During the ESS 2016, which took place in 3 terms and 2 European countries, the Czech Republic and Croatia, we had the honor to meet and share our knowledge with students and young professionals from more than 30 countries from around the world.

Majority of students were Europeans, but number of them traveled literally half of the globe to attend one of our courses. The highest number of students came from western Europe, with Germany in leading position, which is understandable due to its historical tradition to travel for education and convenient location of Prague in heart of Europe.

Our students had a unique opportunity to meet with young people who are thriving for education and knowledge. We had a chance to meet with business people; doctor who wrote his own medical book and is giving speeches about his research; travellers who are hungry to know more and many others whom we admire and wish luck in future life.

We are already in full process of European Summer School 2017 which will take place in Prague, Czech Republic upcoming summer. And we must admit, we are looking forward to it! Stay tuned and informed for all necessary information.

Please find the full spectrum of our students at European Summer School 2016 in attached graph. For large, click.

Nationality Mix 2016