Special guests on Online Marketing Challenge Course

4. 8. 2016

The topic of Tuesday lesson was Affiliate Marketing. In the middle and eastern Europe, affiliate marketing is not used very often. Compared to PPC, social media and e-mailing, affiliate usage is near to zero. On the other hand, in the USA every new company launch affiliate marketing immediately. Why? It is cheap, a company pays only for sale or lead and it is easy to set up. Personally, I think this is a great mistake of local advertisers. Thus, I decided to dedicate all day to affiliate marketing.

Fortunately, the lesson was not only about myself. During the lesson we had two phone calls with real affiliate experts. Both calls lasted more than 15 minutes and provided the participants with knowledge, they could hardly find anywhere else. Some of the knowledge were to interesting that I decided to share them with you.

Ondřej Hájek, eHub

The first guest was Ondrej Hajek, CEO of eHub – top Czech affiliate network (whose script you are being tracked right now :-).

  • eHub built all infrastructure themselves – which help them to have real control over users, conversions and frauds.
  • Some publishers earn hundreds of thousands Czech crowns.
  • There are companies that decided to use affiliate over PPC and other channel.
  • Some companies never really launch affiliate, because they limit their publishers. Successful affiliate programmes let publishers use as much advertising methods as possible.
  • Czech affiliate marketing is getting better these days.
  • CJ, one of the biggest affiliate networks, has it subsidiary in Munich. This is also one of a reasons, German companies are more advanced in affiliate marketing.

Milan Pichlík, internet entrepreneur and affiliate manager

The second guest, Milan Pichlik, internet entrepreneur and affiliate manager, helped us look at affiliate from utter different view.

  • Milan recommended us to really boost SEO of new eshops. The reason is clear – if you pay PPC and get commission about # % (note: I rather not publish numbers), PPC cannot be profitable for you.
  • You must really care about your partners. It is about quality not quantity. Do not hesitate having personal meetings and regular calls with your partners.
  • It is possible to make a living by affiliate eshops.

Unfortunately, the connection was really weak between us. However, you may visit Milan’s blog that is full of tutorials and also presentations from conferences.

Once more, big thanks to Ondrej and Milan for their time, enthusiasm and willingness to share their knowledge with future marketing heroes.

Author: Michal Blazek, course lecturer, MarketingMakers.net