Somewhere inside, everyone is an artist

27. 5. 2016

Painting course

In todays world, many people work in fairly uncreative environments which demand mostly analytical sense. Unfortunately, we tend to believe that only artists have the license to create art. But we are wrong! Art is beneficial for everyone and once in a while we should all take a break from our usual routines and start creating something that comes right from our own hearts. Moreover, art provides with great opportunities to develop in the following areas:

1. Communication

Art shows us that there are other ways to communicate besides verbal and non-verbal communication. Through art we unveil our thoughts which are sometimes hard to explain using words. You will be literally watching your thoughts appear on canvas!

2. Therapy

During painting we totally immerse ourselves in the moment. We notice the sound of brush, the merging of different colors and many others, but the important thing is that we shut ourselves from reality and relax.

3. Self-esteem

Amateur art is your personal creation which does not stand in the competition of others. The painting itself is only the final stage of the long and relaxing process which gives you a great deal of self-esteem. It is nice sometimes to do stuff just for the sake of it.

4. Concentration

This point is closely connected to the Therapy one. During painting we tend to care about details more than we do in everyday life. The reason is that we disconnect ourselves from outer world and focus only on painting. This will help you develop a highly valued skill of concentration.

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