Cultural Competence is an everyday thing

27. 5. 2016

Cultural Competence

Being culturally competent has become one of the most essential skills we must master, if we want to become global citizens. As the world is now ‘smaller’ than ever and getting from one place to another is made much easier. people travel across the globe either for their holidays or for business very often. In order to do ‘big things’ we must travel, explore, and learn. As part of the traveling and exploring processes we encounter many different cultures and habits. For example, to express an objection, Germans will directly say ‘no’ while the Japanese will most likely say something like ‘I agree with some points’. Those are the situations that can cause big problems in carrying out a successful business and knowing the cultures and, more importantly, knowing what to look for in different situations can help us avoid such unpleasant experience.

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Source: Forbes article here.