Benefits of Summer Schools

24. 5. 2016

A few weeks ago, we posted a mention about the benefits of summer schools. In this post, we will introduce you to yet another article which elaborates on the idea and provides with further evidence. For your convenience, here is a summary of the article which you can read in full.

Benefits of European Summer School

1. Small classes

This one we find very important. During regular school sessions, classes can be of up to hundreds of students and there is little chance of having a one to one approach with the professor. Summer school provides each and every student with valuable time to express his or her opinion and ask questions.

2. Continuity

After several months of holidays, many students tend to forget a lot from what they had learnt. Summer school keeps your brain working and boosts up your potential to excel in the upcoming academic year.

3. Shorter term

A typical university semester lasts 4 months which is a long time. On the contrary, summer courses last for 2 weeks only, and that is because of their intensity. After those 2 weeks, you will not only cover the whole semester, but you will still be able to enjoy more free time afterwards.

4. Course completion

If you are missing a few ECTS credits to finish your university degree, summer school is a perfect opportunity to make up for that. Most of the European Summer School students were able to transfer their credits and complete their degree on time or even beforehand.

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