Release your fantasy at Videomaking & Postproduction course

22. 4. 2016

No Pain no Game – Created by Lenka Hastikova

Author of Frozen video

I had to skip afternoon activity to find time for the shooting. Other students went on a trip to Brač Supetar, I regreted not going, but had work to do. My actors and I started with the shooting straight after morning class. It´s so important to choose proper actors and prepare the scenes you want to shoot so you are not under the stress when something is not going along the plan. We shooted each scene at least twice. Video was being taken in Marjan park, my favourite place and there was so many passerby people curious about what was going on. It was either making our work more difficult but worth seeing those faces :D. It took all afternoon to shoot all scenes we planned to shoot that day, but we managed to do workout after the shooting (my video was related to workout with story behind.