Blog – The Final day

31. 3. 2016

Next day I had to skip another afternoon activity. Needed to finish editing the story, shoot last few scenes, add music. My actors were brilliant again and we made it in very short time, anyways we improved our skills the day before. I took a break for workout and finished everything properly to satisfying results. I can’t thank enough to Michael for help and support he provided. Thanks to him video looks very good and I can be proud of myself for creating something like this after less than two weeks of classes with no previous experience! Here is my video: Feel free to give me feedback 🙂

More videos of my classmates are available to watch:
Luka´s day
Rules of broken love
Karin final project

And here is the end… On Friday we had Final ceremony, where all students of Summer School Croatia presented their 2 weeks projects and we watched our videos, got certificates and closed the study part of SSC.



What should I say in the end? I would love to participate again! I miss all people I met so much, it was great opportunity to spend my time with them and enjoy my holiday in Croatia.