Blog – Ninth day

29. 3. 2016

On Tuesday we were supposed to shoot promotion videos of SSC courses. We began in Library that morning and prepared shooting spots and interviews with students and teachers of other classes in Summer school Croatia. This time it wasn´t that much fun because we knew we had so much responsibility. All those videos were going to be used as promotional material for another year. If we’d messed up something (for example set up the audio in a wrong way) there will be no time to do it again. We split into groups, took some footage in each class we needed as a background of each interview.


After the class we went straight to the beach. Some of the students were playing beach volleyball, I was working on the script for my Final video. It was quite last minute task (it was Tuesday and I had to shoot and edit video till Friday). So I started immediately and wrote down all the scenes and set ups. I had already consulted the theme and gear I would need for shooting with Michael, discussed the story and shooting ideas with many people, so I had it put on paper really fast and enjoyed the rest of the day at the beach and BBQ later. I reserved the gear and actors for Wednesday afternoon.