Blog – Sixth day

26. 3. 2016

For Saturday was planned Krka trip. So we met 9 AM in front of Spinut and took van and other cars to the national park Krka. It took about 45min. driving from Split. We parked cars and walked to the beginning of the park to see all the waterfalls and beautiful nature. You could see all those fish in water as pure as the water was.

Finally we reached our destination and leave our things to enjoy water and waterfalls. You could sit on rocks, still be under water and just relax, drink beer or just swim…the only weak point was overcrowded park by people. They were everywhere and this destroyed the feeling from this gorgeous place. We enjoyed water, got some ice cream or food, take a nap and decided to walk a bit to explore the park. We went to the circuit around the park. It was really nice walk full of breathtaking views of waterfalls. In the late afternoon we hike back to our cars and van for our journey back to Split.

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Evening was in mood of Open bar again and night walk to city center for a great ice cream and to try Croatian cuisine. To be honest I was quite disappointed by service there and even because of food. I think Croatians should do better to please their customers to come back.

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Do you know what is totally ridiculous in local pizza restaurants? Look at the picture.


You are even supposed to pay for cutting your pizza 😀 😀 And that is standard fee in Croatia 😀