Blog – Fifth day

25. 3. 2016

Friday was dedicated to audio, which is important feature of videos. We learned the theory in short time and after lunch break shooted interviews. We split into groups and used all available gear to create short interviews. It was so much fun, we switched roles – interviewer/interviewee and tried different types of gear – lavalian microphone, hand microphone, added lights, etc. and were doing our best to prepare the scene for interview. This was the very first time we had for a practice, there was Tuesday shooting in Library we had to manage in real conditions, so not much time for real practicing. Our weekend assignment was to think about our Final video. After class I went to the beach again and stopped in shop to buy some items for evening activity – hiking to the highest point in Marjan park.


Afternoon was free, so we decided to have fun and spent it well. We formed group of 5 and booked Room escape game. We chose Prison break from the themes they present on their website and we chose well. It was such a great idea, the “prison” is set close to Spinut dormitory. Let me explain for those who had never tried any game like that before. You are locked in a room (prison cell, office, bank safe, etc.) and you have 60 min time limit to escape from there. In our case there were 3 rooms we had to escape from using just clues we had to find, logical thinking and team work we needed to create in our group. It was really great, we succeeded and escaped before time limit, but I can’t tell you how 😀 We made it in 57 mins (interesting fact, just 10 % of visitors managed to escape in less than 60 mins. At least that’s what we were told). So we were the lucky 10%! We made some group pictures and even got some pictures taken during a game through cameras in rooms. If you wanna have fun, test your logic and you are able to form a team of 2 to 5 people, you should definitely try it!

Summer SchoolSummer School

The evening activity was picnic at Marjan Hill. Everyone was supposed to bring something to share for a picnic. We started before sunset so the hike was really beautiful and we did enjoy it. It wasn´t that hard to climb up the hill, but still all of us were sweating and breathing heavily. Lucas and his orange backpack full of beers was leading us. We enjoyed the view took some pictures and had some picnic food and drinks. The storm was coming from the other side of hill and thunders were scaring us all the time as lightnings might hit the nearby metal tower. Fortunately the storm was far from us, we just heard thunders. Once it got dark we had to use flashlights on the way back to Spinut. It reminded me old times in summer camps when we were going through woods in dark 😀 As any other day night was dedicated to Open bar and other clubs in Split city center.