Blog – Fourth day

24. 3. 2016

Fourth day of class was dedicated to script. We learned how script should look like, the difference between film script and short video script and the meaning of technical script and scene heading. This time our HW was to choose a joke and write a whole script for it, we got template where we were supposed to write down all important details. As we already got the chance to try gear by ourselves we got assignment – to shoot some ideas/situations we can convert to slow motion. Check the outcomes here:

After class as usual I went to the beach, for a run and workout with my friends. That evening we were astonished by the best night view of Split – the view and photo spot was 10 mins by walking from Spinut Dorms, we had some drinks and local dinner and later fresh students went to Open bar (imagine open-air bar with live music, DJ´s).

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