Blog – Third day

22. 3. 2016

Third day of school was different. Due to national holiday in Croatia, Library (where all other courses were held) was closed, so all other classes were moved to the Spinut dormitory and our class went outside for shooting.

Summer SchoolSummer SchoolSummer SchoolSummer SchoolSummer School

So we went to Riva to practice our theory knowledge. Actually it was our premiere with using the gear by ourselves. It was hard for me to even set the gear up since I´m not familiar with the Canon gear we were using (and I would not call myself a technical person either :D). It took some time to practice all tricks, moves and scenes we already learnt. On top of that we had to deal with really hot weather. We had so much fun with the shooting at first use random passerby but ones they run out we were using ourselves as actors which actually produces some great videos.

Here are the best ones:

So we soon found out that it was not easy and some movements were not easy at all, definitely needed more practice. It was our first day without any HW as we had activity planned for the whole afternoon and there would not be chance to manage both. This time we went on a bike tour across beaches in Split and I found this the greatest activity of all. We rented bikes for everybody in Split city center and headed out to Marjan park. Our first 30 min stop was Benu beach where we swam, had some beers and took some group pictures.

And then sceninc road from Marjan park to Kasuni beach followed. Tracks were easy, not hilly at all, nice views, refreshing wind in hair. And I fell in love with beautiful white-pebbled Kasuni beach with crystal clear water. After almost an hour talking, swimming and sunbathing we took off to our last stop – Obojena Beach for snacks. All these afterschool activities were great for exploring this gorgeous place and to get to know other students of Summer School Croatia. We took so cool picture on a way back I need to share with you.

Cool picture

Back at Spinut Dorms we decided to have a rewarding barbecue dinner again, so we set up the fireplace and prepare some meat and veggies, chat together and started flip cup tournament. Fun times!