Blog – Introduction

22. 3. 2016

Well I decided to create this blog to let everyone interested know and introduce Summer school in Split. What should I start with? Probably why I chose it? Well let´s say I was offered to participate in summer school Croatia by the agency I work for. I wanted to try something new. I´ve never been to any other summer school before so to be honest I had nothing else to compare. Enjoy summer, have fun and learn something new – those were reasons why I said yes to Summer School Croatia (SSC) as I am summer-loving person. And Split is the right place to combine holiday and studying. Besides I´m also sport-loving person so I even appreciated local environment and activities offered.

Digital Photography – First course I chose – I love taking pictures and I wanted to improve my photography skills. But later on this course was cancelled and I had to change my plan. I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to head out to Croatia so I chose similar course – Videomaking and postproduction. It was a challenge for me, since I had zero experience with making videos and of course I didn´t even have the gear! “There will be gear you can borrow” I was told and didn’t hesitate any longer.

Everything was set up prior to beginning of term – chosen course, arranged housing (I chose Spinut dormitory as my course was held in this place too and most of activities were starting there. Another option were apartments located closer to Library where other courses were held).

Soon I found myself standing in front of a van which took students to Split (there were few options how you could reach the final destination – by plane, bus, Czech-us van or by your car). We spent 13 hours on a road from Prague to Split overnight, with slowdown caused by one car accident on Czech highway and few others waiting on Croatian one.

Sunday 7AM: We finally arrived in Split. Rooms were clean and ready for us. I shared a room with Brasilian girl. As soon as I checked in and unpacked my lagguage we went straight to the beach. Surpisingly at 10 AM beach was almost empty. We did enjoy sea for a while and I fell asleep immediately. Once I woke up, 3 hours later I was so confused – didn´t know where I am and what I am doing there… and beach was overcrowded that time.

After the beach time, I went shopping to nearest Lidl, prepared some food in dormitory kitchen which was a bit challenge and in the evening attended summer school orientation – information meeting about expectations and activities, meeting teachers and other students + delicious dinner and a toast as an encore. And we could head out for the first activity: We went for drinks to nearest beach which was great idea for the first introduction to ourselves. I might have repeated my name, country and course I’m attending at least for 20 times. Perhaps we were not able to absorb all those new information.