Blog – First day

22. 3. 2016

First day at course followed and I enjoyed advantage of staying at the very same building to sleep little bit more than my roommate who had to wait for pick-up on time. 1st day was kind of too technical for me. We went through all the theory and watched few videos for inspiration and implementation in reality. To my disappointment we even got homework! 😀

After school one of the activities followed (look at the weekly schedule of activities, you are not going to get bored!) We went to the beach which showed up later my favorite one – clear water, bay with yachts and sandy parts of beach…(which is kind of miracle for those who hadn´t been to Croatia). I simply fell in love with this place… We tried to play “picigin” which is typical water sport in Croatia. Wiki says: “It is an amateur sport played in shallow water consisting of players keeping a small ball from touching the water.“ We were not good at it and rather switched to volleyball.

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After the beach afternoon I continued in my workout there. I probably not mentioned it before, Marjan park (park close to Spinut dormitory) is a great place for sporty people. You can do whatever you want to: just go for run as far as you want (whole park is over 10 km long), rent a bike for 15 kuna/hour, take inlines or just use the workout area close by Benu Beach. So many options… even many sports teams were practising here. Marjan park is full of people anytime during the day – whether you are going for morning swim, afternoon walk or evening workout, park is busy. What I´d like to recommend after very hot day is to go for night run and night swimming afterwards. Can´t imagine anything more refreshing. Park is open 24/7, well lit on and you will find fresh water on every corner. As park was within walking distance to Spinut dormitory it was on my schedule everyday. Even after walking 2 kilometeres to my favorite beach I found later time to go for there workout and ran another 2 kilometres.

Split is hot and humid (imagine 30°C+), so pretty much what you can do during a day is swimming and sunbathing, watersports or just walk to the city center for ice cream. We finished the day by evening/night activity walking to Split downtown, we went through the most important and famous places and even Lucas told us some historical stories about those places. Who wanted went for a drink to the local pub and later to the bar.