16. 5. 2015

Summer School Croatia is an international project. Our focus is to provide the students with a proper nationality mix. Nothing is more annoying them coming to a summer school and realize that a) you will share the class and the whole stay with majority of students of one nationality who, of course, tend to use their own national language, or b) you are all almost from one country only.

The lecture can try his best but the results are usually the same. a) One group of students speaks their language and does’t communicate with the rest. b) You don’t practise English as much as you thought you will. c) You won’t have that much of a networking bonus when all students are from the same country.

You can trust us, that we are doing our best in order to avoid that situation. We are recruiting all over the world. And to proove we are serious about this commitment we will bi-weekly present statistics of so far registered students and their nationalities.

Please look at the graph above this post and check out the nationality mix for yourself. 19 nationalities by 10th of April.
No other summer school will reveal this information to you!chart-SSC-425x320