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Being a self-confident and objective-focused person is very important in today´s world, maybe more than ever. This course is designed to help you become more effective when it comes to time management, self-presentation, decision making and self-education. You will get a chance to gain insight into your talents and skills, and learn how to use them effectively to achieve your goals.
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Elsa Ferreira


Currently employed, among others, as the Relations Manager for Latin America and Portugal at the School of International Studies at the Avans University of Applied Sciences, in Breda. In this position, over the course of only two years, she enabled active student exchanges with 10 Universities across Latin America, organised and participated in innumerous official visits and events, delivered presentations and received foreign students and official visitors, serving as a cicerone and representing both the university and the country.

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In the course of Personal Development (3EC), students will get insight in their talents, passions, creative and critical thinking skills, in order to become a better professional, who is aware of and has a reflective attitude towards a changing world. The Personal Development course aims to contribute to the “Bildung” of the participants, by focusing on talent development, their role as global citizens and academic writing skills. The work forms will include debates, (socratic) conversations, exercises, interactive workshops or simulations, personal coaching by the lecturer and peer group intervision.

Schedule: Monday-Friday, 9:00 - 14:00

Credits: = 5 ECTS. You will receive an official Certificate of Attendance upon completion of your course which you may use to show evidence of the skills you have learnt during the course and have the credits accepted by your home university. If you enroll in UCN, you will have the credits accepted, based on passing all assignments set by the lecturer.

Price: All course materials and organization of afternoon and evening activities are included in the Course fee. You will also receive a Welcome and a Goodbye drink. There is a 100EUR application fee for all students from countries outside Czech and Slovak republic. Trips and special activities such as boat parties, trips (Cesky Krumlov, Karlstejn Castle etc.), or water sports equipment rentals are at an extra cost. For transport options to Prague, accommodation and meal options please check the Accommodation and Transport tabs in the ABOUT section.
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This course aims to allow the learner to become an effective and confident self-directed employee. This helps the learner become confident in managing own personal and professional skills, to achieve personal and career goals.

Learners will develop their ability to organize, manage, and practice a range of approaches to improve their performance in either of their next career steps – higher education, or working life. The needs of the individual is emphasized but within the context of how self-management corresponds with effective team management.


B1 CEF absolute minimum, B2 and above strongly recommended. A laptop will be needed.

Self-investigation and personal skills audit
In our first few sessions we will be taking a look at ourselves, who we are, what we know, what skills we have already acquired and what skills we need to develop in the future.

Transferrable skills and your CV
Often the first view an employer will have of a candidate is looking at their Curriculum Vitae (CV) so it is vital that we submit a CV which is correctly laid out, informative, tailored for the specific job or role being applied for and which stands out to attract the employer.

Job interview techniques
In these lessons we will look at what general questions are normally asked and also the questions which can be used to test us. We also discuss how to behave during the interview, the do’s and don’t’s. Finally we put all of this together by practicing the interview experience and receiving feedback from our peers on our performance.

How to take advantage of your learning style
How we set and respond to targets varies greatly in individuals. Knowing your learning style will enable you to become a more effective learner and will give you an advantage in understanding how to motivate your classmates and colleagues

Making a professional presentation
A good presentation contains a variety of elements, your core message being only one of them. A strong introduction, intelligent body language, and a logical structure are often more important than the verbal message you are trying to deliver!

Time management
Computers, mobile phones and tablets are great tools for assisting in time management, but they are nearly worthless without the basic knowledge of how to set objectives and prioritize workloads. The fundamentals of time management start with an understanding of the self and how we react to time-related stress.

Communication and assertiveness
Poor communication in both a personal and professional setting causes many avoidable problems leading to unnecessary stress, frustration and can even be damaging to your reputation.
For many of us, confrontation makes us uncomfortable and we associate being assertive with being aggressive. It is important to understand what assertiveness actually means, to see if we exhibit these traits, and learn how to become more assertive to improve our performance and chances of success in our careers.

In our professional and personal lives we will often have to negotiate for something we want. From an early age we begin to negotiate, from ‘I will be good if I can have some cake’, and these skills become more and more vital in our lives.

Therefore, to be successful we must understand the negotiation process and the tactics which can be employed for us to achieve our desired outcome.

Following on from our discussions of time management, assertiveness and negotiations we will use this opportunity to put all of these skills together. Professional skills do not exist in isolation from one another and are interlinked and applicable in a variety of situations. Therefore, we will use our last few days to practice using multiple areas together.
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